Ripunjoy Tamuly popularly known as Rimon was a smiling and happy child from Biswanath chariali – a small township in the North bank of Brahmaputra river. He spent hours together playing computer games and watching cartoons. He had a passion for model cars and his love towards the smallest creature was wonderful

Rimon was the only son of Mr. Bharat Chandra Tamuly & Mrs. Jyotikana Tamuly. This is the story of the brave child Ripunjoy Tamuly who was suffering from DMD and had a lifetime confinement in the wheelchair. It is a muscular disorder characterized by progressive degeneration of all the voluntary muscles of the body. But Rimon, had far from given up, he was a pillar of strength….. the strongest there ever was. It was young Rimon who was suffering all the pain with all the happiness and that brought us all back to life. He stood strong in times of all this distress and did not give it up for anything. He made most of the opportunity for being bed-ridden and put in all the efforts to prove the world wrong.

In spite of his severe physical disability he took up all of life’s challenges bravely always with a smile in his lips. In his short lifespan of 17 years he managed to complete his schooling with flying colours. He was the proud receipent of a congratulatory note alongwith a “Knowledge card’’ for his academic endeavours from His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India made us all proud. He marked as the pride of Assam. Children looked up to him as an idol, parents used him as an example for their children. He enrolled in the local Biswanath college in the Arts stream but unfortunately he could not pursue his studies and left for heavenly abode on 12th March, 2007 .

His dream of pursuing his studies further inspired his mother, who is also a Lecturer at Biswanath college, to sponsor one economically weak student to pursue studies in the Arts stream every year. Further, his parents have left no stone unturned to keep his memories alive among the students of Biswanath college and also the small wellknit community of Biswanath chariali. His father, Mr. Tamuly has managed to take out time from his busy schedule as an Executive Engineer of ASEB and devote himself mentally and physically to construct a seminar hall in the Biswanath college campus itself. Both of them managed to pool in all their resources and have put in their lifetime savings to give shape to their dream project. They also had to borrow money from different financial institutions to complete the project christened “Ripunjoy Knowledge Hub”.

On this 25th day of November 2009, which was the birthday of Ripunjoy, the project stands complete in all respect and has been dedicated to the people of Biswanath chariali for Academic Activities .
It is the ardent wish of Ripunjoy’s parents that the hall should be utilized exclusively for Academic activities only to the fullest in the years to come.

Certainly, this will be the only due acknowledgement to the hard work and labour of these brave souls for their such a noble contributions in the Academic arena of this region .


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