Definition : A hub is a centre of activity or interest or a focal point. A knowledge hub therefore , is a centre of focal point for the exchange of knowledge, support, development and ideas .

Objectives : RKH established in the Biswanath college campus to help teachers & Students to find the best resources in their pursuit of knowledge. RKH is to manage and maximize the innovative ideas and Intellectuals of the different disciplines .
History : This is the brainchild of Sri Bharat Ch. Tamuly & Smt. Jyotikana Das Tamuly. They have instituted this RKH in loving memory of their only child Ripunjoy who left for heavenly abode on 12-3-2007. RKH has been dedicated to Academic activities on 25/11/2009. The hall has been handed over to the Biswanath college, BNC authority in a solemn function for future management in close co-ordination with Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust .The hall is equipped with permanent sound system with lecturn etc. Full audio-visual aid for multi media projection is made available . The construction of this RKH started on 16.4.08. and completed in all respect on Nov.’09 .

Archive : An archive will be maintained by the Prof-in-charge of the RKH as Knowledge repositories for specific adaptations
Terms of usage : Certain terms & conditions are laid down by the Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust and mutually agreed by the college authority also. This hall shall not be used for any meeting except seminars of educational importance and to read out for research papers etc .
Conclusion : Hope this will cater the need for survival and competence in our increasingly discontinuous environment in the Academic arena .

Different activities in RKH from 25-11-2009

  1.  25-11-2009.
  2. Dedicated to Academic activities and RKH is handed over to Biswanath college authority in a solemn function for future maintenance in close co ordination with Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust. A book named "Mrityunjoy Gatha" authored by Smt. Arunima Goswami has also been released on the ocassion.

  3. 7 – 12 - 09
  4. A seminar was organized by the Deptt of Zoology, Biswanath college on 'Malaria in North East : challenges and its mitigation' wherein a Sr. scientist from DRL, Tezpur was present as resource person .

  5. 9 - 12 - 09
  6. A seminar was organized by the Deptt of Botany and student union of the Biswanath college on Floriculture. Resource person were Dr. B.P. Gautam of Biswanath college of Agriculture & Dr. Pradip Mahanta, Biswanath college.

  7. 4-05-2010 and 5-05-2010
  8. National children's science congress, Sonitpur organized a training programme for Zonal resource persons. Prof. A. K. Mishra of Assam Engineering college was present as resource person.

  9. 11-05-2010
  10. A programme was organized by the Biswanath college on 'Tea Husbandry' Resource personnels : Dr. Tapan ch. Barua, Dean BNCA, Sri Bhaskar Phukan SDO(Civil), Mr. Sandip Bhuyan Manager, Sakomato T.E.

  11. 30-6-2010
  12. A workshop organized by the Competence building cell of the Biswanath college on "Methodology in Higher Education". Prof (Mrs) Nilima Bhagawati of the Education Deptt of G.U. was the resource person .

  13. 9-7-2010
  14. A talk & discussion organized among the students of different institutions of the country by the Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust on the "Brain drain and how you serve the society."

  15. 30-8-2010 and 31-08-2010
  16. A National seminar was held on "Pisciculture: Prospects, constraints and conservation in Assam". This UGC sponsored seminar was organized by the Zoology department of the Biswanath college. Resource persons were:

    Prof H. Tambi Singh, Ex Vice censellor, Manipur University Prof A. Dutta, Ex. Head of the Deptt of Zoology, Gauhati University Prof S.P.Biswas, Ex. Head of the Deptt of Life Science of Dibrugarh University

  17. 4-9-2010
  18. A web site was launced by the Biswanath college on different aspects of the institution and a demo on how to upload datas given by Dr. Anupam. This was an effort to develop a database of faculty member and students in connection with golden Jubilee celebration of the college.

  19. 25-11-2010
  20. On successful existence of one year of the RKH a function was organized by the Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust on 25-11-2010.

    A lecture delivered by Prof. D. K. Barua, Retd. Principal of Cotton college on the Philosophy on and Economics of Amartya Kumar Sen.

    Jung Annettee Tamuly from France and Prof Indira Barua of GU were the distinguished guests present on that occassion.

  21.  16-12-2010 
  22. A lecture by IDOL, G.U. - on renaissance for higher education in Assam. Dr. Kandarpa Das, Director, IDOL, Gauhati University was present as resource person.

  23. 16-7-2011
  24. Valedictory function of the IIE training on ESDP of computer Hardware & Networking

  25. 19-8-2011
  26. An workshop was organized by the competence building cell of the Biswanath college on Semester system in undergraduate colleges in Assam. Dr. K. G. Bhattacharyee of the G.U. was present as resource person.

  27. 6 – 9 -2011.
  28. A seminar was organized by the Department of Economics of Biswanath college on Inclusive Growth.

  29. 25-11-2011 
  30. On completion of two years existence of RKH, Annual Memorial Lecture organized by Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust delivered by Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury Pro vice chancellor of Tezpur University on Nanoscience.

    Topics: "The Bonsai of Materials and its Wonders" -Deptt of Physics, Tezpur University
    Charlie Chaplin– An appreciation presented by Prof. Rana Prasad Hazarika in the evening.

  31. 7-01-2012
  32. A group discussion on the Subject "Present scenario of Higher Education and Role of a Principal" held.

  33. 15-3-2012
  34. A group discussion on the topic (deptt. of Assamese)

    "বিশ্বায়নৰ পৰিপ্ৰেক্ষিতত অসমীয়া ভাষাৰ ভবিষ্যত"

  35. 14-6-2012
  36. National Seminar on National integration and Ethnic groups of Assam---- A post independence Review.
    Organised by: Dept. of History and Political Science, Biswanath College.

  37. 25-11-2012
  38. I ) Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial lecture delivered by Dr. Birendranath Datta :
    "লোক সংস্কৃতিত বহুমাত্ৰিক আন্তঃসংযোগ -
    অসমৰ থলুৱা নিদৰ্শনৰ সহায়ত কিছু আলোকপাত"
    II) ২০১২ চনৰ হাইস্কুল শিক্ষান্ত পৰীক্ষাত সৰ্ব্বোচ্চ নম্বৰ পোৱা লিট্ল ষ্টাৰ স্কুলৰ কৃতী ছাত্ৰক বছেৰেকীয়া সোৱৰণী বটা প্ৰদান ৷

  39. 30-11-2012
  40. Unveiling of a book: কেইজনমান ভাৰতীয় জীৱবিজ্ঞানী:
    A pen-sketch of few Indian biologists with emphasis on the colourful aspects of their personal lives and scientific discoveries by Dr. Sanjib Upadhyaya, Deptt of Zoology, THB College, published by Assam Science Society, Biswanath Chariali Branch.

  41. 5-04-2013
  42. Seminar on "Genetically modified crops and food security".
    Resource Person: Dr. Ratnakingkor Goswami, Asso. Professor BN College of Agriculture.
    Organized by: students Science Forum, Biswanath college, Biswanath chariali.

  43.  21-5-2013
  44. Seminar on "Democracy, Secularism and Social justice".
    Resource person: Smt. Leena Hazarika, Associate professor, Biswanath college.
    Organized by: Tezpur chapter of the Rajib Gandhi Study Circle (RGSC), New Delhi.

  45. 12-08-2013
  46. Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme ( EAP)
    Resource person: Utpal Bayan, Course Director, IIE & Convenor ESDP cell

  47. 25-11-2013
  48. i) Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial lecture delivered by Sri Biren Singha
    বিষয়বস্তু: "জীবন আৰু শিল্প"

    ii) Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Award to the student of the Little Star School, Biswanath chariali in recognition for the academic performance in last HSLC Exams (2013).

  49. 01-04-2014
  50. One day Workshop on "Biotechnology in the present day context."
    Organized by: Biotech Hub under department of Zoology, Biswanath college
    Resource persons: Dr. Manoj Sarma, Dr. J. Bhuyan, BNCA.

  51. 12-08-2014
  52. A talk on Stock Exchange: Organized by: Deptt of Economics, Biswanath College
    Resource person: Moromi Bhattacharyya, HOD Deptt of Economics, Biswanath College
    Mayuri Kalita, Commerce college, Chariali.

  53. 25 – 11 – 2014     
  54. i) Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Lecture by Dr. Padmapani
    বিষয়বস্তু: "ফৰেনছিক বিজ্ঞান" আৰু
    "যুৱপ্ৰজন্মৰ অপৰাধপ্ৰৱণতা আৰু মূল্যবোধৰ অৱক্ষয়"

    ii) Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Award to the student of the Little Star School, Biswanath chariali in recognition of the academic performance in last HSLC Exams (2014).

  55. 30-12-14
  56. "World Philosophy day" organized by the department of Philosophy, Biswanath College.

  57. 18-02-15
  58. A class conducted by Dr. Geetali Bhuyan on Fertilization ( Bio-chemical events )

  59. 27-05-2015
  60. A group discussion on the subject in connection with selection of Principal, Biswanath College:
    "Implementation of semester system in undergraduate colleges of Assam with special reference to evaluation and merits & demerits."

  61. 24-6-2015
  62. Validictory function of IEE & Tea Board of India.

  63. 17-7-2015 & 18-07-2015
  64. Digital Photography Workshop: Organised by: Biswanath Chariali Photograph club

  65. 25-08-2015
  66. "Impact of NAAC in undergraduate colleges of Assam" - your views. Group discussion in connection with selection of Principal BNC.

  67. 8-10-2015 & 9-10-15
  68. a) Interaction of the NAAC team with the co ordinator BNC.

    b) Paid floral tribute by the NAAC Peer team to the Photographs of the Ripunjoy in the RKH. Interaction of the NAAC team with the co coordinator BNC. 

    i) Prof. Lakshmi Narayan Bhagat, Former VC Ranchi University Jharkhand, India.

    ii) Prof. Narpat Singh Sekhawat, Former Prof. Biotechnology Unit, Deptt. of Botany, Jainarayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

    iii) Dr. Ajit M. Bhamare, Principal Ramananda Arya DAV College, Bhandup (East-E), Mumbai-400042.

    c) Interaction of the NAAC team with the students

  69. 05-11-2015
  70. A class conducted by Sri Sangita Baruah (Research fellow), on Biological Techniques.

  71. 09-11-2015 
  72. A Lecture on Microtomy by Smt. Sangita Baruah ( Sr. Research scholar ).

  73.  25-11-2015
  74. i) "Love for Life" - The Book of Asif Ibrahim unveiled by Sri Debobroto Das, eminent writer.

    ii) Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Lecture delivered by Sri Mrinal Talukdar.
    Subject: 'Me, Market & Media - the world from where you can not escape'.

  75. 03-03-2016
  76. মাতৃভাষা দিবস উপলক্ষে বিশ্বনাথ মহাবিদ্যালয় ছাত্ৰ সংসদৰ দ্বাৰা আয়োজিত আলোচনা চক্ৰ
    বিষয় : বিশ্বায়নৰ প্ৰেক্ষাপটত মাতৃভাষাৰ গুৰুত্ব
    Resource Person: Dr. Khanjan Kr. Das, Associate Professor, THB College

  77. 15-05-2016
  78. আলোচনাৰ বিষয়: আইনষ্টাইন আৰু মহাকৰ্ষণীয় তৰঙ্গ
    Organised by: Assam Science Society, Biswanath Chariali branch

  79. 09-07-2016 and 10-07-2016
  80. Workshop on Digital Photography
    Organized by: Biswanath chariali Photographic club

  81. 12-11-2016
  82. Observation of National Education Day ( under the aegis of Dept. of English, Biswanath College)
    Subject: Maulana Azad and India's Higher Education
    Resource Person: Dr. Nipom Kumar Saikia

  83. 25-11-2016
  84. Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Lecture on the foundation day of RKH:
    Delivered by Sankardev chair Professor of Tezpur University and Ex Head of the deptt of English of Gauhati University Prof. Ranjit Kumar Deva Goswami.
    বিষয় :-- বৌদ্ধিক ইতিহাস : পৰিচয়, চৰ্চ্চা আৰু বিস্তৃতি

  85. 26-11-2016
  86. Constitution day also known as Samvidhan Divas is celebrated by department of Political Science, Biswanath College.
    Resource Person: Sri Bhabani Prasad Sarmah. Retd. HOD, Political Science, Biswanath College.

  87. 30-11-2016
  88. Inauguration of book of Dr. Sanjib Upadhya titled "The Plague" ( অলকেয়াৰ কেম্যুৰ বিশ্ব বিখ্যাত উপন্যাস দ্য প্লেগৰ অসমীয়া নাট্যৰূপ ).
    Organized by Sanjha kala Gosthi, Gelapukhuri.

  89. 25–03–2017
  90. A talk on Geographical indicator and its importance in Assam by Dr. Ratna kinkor Goswami, Prof BN College of Agriculture .

  91. 05–04–2017
  92. A group discussion in connection with selection of Principal BNC “PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION”.


  93. 27–05 –2017
  94. Workshop on Research Methodology and Research Project Organised by IQAC, Biswanath College

    Resource person:-

    1.Dr. Ashok kumar Borah HOD, Deptt of Geography, Gauhati University

    2.Dr. Parthpratim Baruah Professor, Deptt of Botany, G U

    3.Dr. Biswajit Sarma, CDC, Gauhati University.


  95. 30 – 06 – 2017
  96. Inauguration of Books

    লোকাঞ্জলি … By Kamaljyoti Gogoi, Secretary SEBA

    নিশব্দ নিবিড় … By Sarala Devi, Principal DIET


  97. 25 – 11 – 2017
  98. Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Lecture by :- Dr.Chandan Mahanta Dean,Studets’ Affairs and Professor,Centre for the Environment and Dept.of Civil Engineering, IIT – Guwahati,Guwahati – 781039. Theme:-“Healthy Luit Happy Oxom”- From hydro disaster to hydro prosperity.


  99. 25 -11 - 2018 
    Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial 
    Lecture by : Dr. Anjan Jyoti Bhargab
    Registrar of Medicine, Gauhati 
    Medical College and Hospital. 
    Looking after the Regional Geriatric Centre, GMCH . 
    Theme: "GERIATRIC CARE " 


  100. 12 - 02 - 2019   
    Workshop on WILDLIFE BIOLOGY 
    By : Wild heart Foundation 

  101. 09 - 03 - 2019   
    A class on Pest and Pest management. (Integrated Pest management) 
    By : by Ranjit Kakati, Deptt. of Zoology, Biswanath college. 

  102. 21-04 -2019    
    Inauguration of a book "BABU-CHORA" a translated version (Nepali) of reputed and famous literate of Assam, Sri Homen Borgohain s Academy prize winner Novel "PITA- PUTRA".  
    By : Shajha Kala Gosthi  

  103. 25 –11–2019(Monday)   
    A Programme by Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Trust jointly with the Biswanath college authority to mark the completion of the journey of last one decade of RKH.  

    i)A New you “এক নতুন আপুনি” : by Sri Bikash Kalita Motivational speaker, Certified Coach and Life skill Trainer

    ii) প্ৰজ্ঞান : ছাত্ৰ ছাত্ৰীসকলৰ লগত প্ৰত্যক্ষ মত বিনিময়ৰ অনুষ্ঠান

    iii) যোৱা এটা দশকত ৰিপুঞ্জয় নলেজ হাবত অনুষ্ঠিত সোঁৱৰণী বক্তৃতাসমূহৰ সম্পাদিত ৰূপ Journey of One decade (25.11.2009-25.11.2019) উন্মোচন কৰে বিশ্বনাথ জিলাৰ উপায়ুক্ত শ্ৰীযুত ধ্ৰুবজ্যোতি দাস দেৱে ।

  104. 22–01–2020 (Wednesday)    
    “Enterpreneurship and Career Options” A motivational talk by : Rajinder Singh Smaghi
    (Punjab Technical University) Organised by : Institutions innovation council, Biswanath College  

  105. 24-01–2020 (Friday)    
    Ministry of Micro,Small & Medium Enterprises-Development Institute,Guwahati in association with Institution’s Innovation Council, Biswanath College organized : “Industrial Motivation Campaign”. 

  106. 13- 02 – 2020  
    Ebird Workshop cum Backyard Bird count programme

  107. 23 – 02 – 2020  
    আন্তৰ্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবস
    Organized by : IQAC, Biswanath college
    Resource person : Dr. Naresh Thakur

  108. 05 – 03 - 2020  
    Inaugural session of Zoological Society of Assam (ZSA), Biswanath college organized by : Department of Zoology, BNC

  109. 25 – 11- 2020  
    Annual Ripunjoy Tamuly Memorial Lecture, 2020 (online) "Finding Efficient Routes in the World : From Roads to the Internet"

    i) Resource Person : Prof. Deepankar Medhi Program Director, National Science Foundation, USA & Curators’ Distinguished Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA.

    ii) Keynote Address by : Dr. Manabendra Saharia Asstt. Professor, IIT Delhi.






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